Parvati Seva Sansthan is a trust which is based from jaipur. Parvati Seve Sansthan established on 30th October, 2012, Registered on 22th January, 2013 and become successful for achieve their targets to help children in many departments like education, life style etc.

Parvati Seva Sansthan are providing free skills training to poor’s and needy youth.(Age 18 to 35)We are giving free basic computer knowledge,skills personality development and retail sells executive training to youth then after provide private company’s in jaipur

Medical and other help to senior citizen who have ignored from society. Who are suffering from some disease and there aren’t helping them so we are providing help to them in any where and providing medical help in lodgement.

Free of cost education and marriage for girls who have effected from poor financial condition.We found many girls in our society who need this help so we make this our objective to help girls who are not able to pay for education and her marriage.

Help for Intention, Invalid and Disabled person as we providing vehicle for disable person who can live their life easily.




We providing food for cows and birds. Many animals are seeking for food because animals and birds are hungry and not survive without food.
Give Positive knowledge for Addiction Person. Who have fully effected from drug part we give him a positive treatment to leave this addiction.
Help for Rama-naam write and spiritual activity here many person are working in raam-naam with their big interest and they are feel good with this work.
Plantation for the environment security where we can save trees, decrease pollution , Save birds and animal and main big think we save nature.