Specific Objects

1. Help of Self-reliance for Unassisted widow and poor needy people.

2. We are organizing medical camp for support needy person.

3. Parvati seva sansthan rolling out a programe “SAHYOG” In this programe we collect cloths (New and used) for slums area’s poor people who can’t purchase cloths and help for .

4. Free of cost  pre employment linked skill training.

5. Food for cows and birds.

6. Arrangment of water cooler and Help for Natural Disaster problems.

7. Help of medisins and treatment for uabled Patients.

8. Give Positive knowledge for Addiction Person.

9.Help for Rama-naam write and spiritual benefits.

10.Plantation for the environment security.

Specific Clauses

(a) To establish, develop, maintain and grant aid in cash or in kind to hospitals, medical colleges, nursing institutions, dispensaries, maternity homes child welfare centers and/or such other simiter charitable institutions in India for the benefit and use of the general public.

( b) To establish, run, support and grant aid or other financial assistance to schools, cooleger, libraries, reading rooms, universities, laboratories research and other institutions of the like nature in India, for use of the students and the staff and also for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge amongst the public in general.

(c) To promote, establish, support, maintain or grant aid to institutions for the promotion of science, literature, music, drama, magic art for the preservation of historical monuments and for the reserach and other institutions, in India, having similer objects for the benefit of the in general.

(d) To establish, maintain and run studentships, scholarships and render other kind of aid to students including supply of books, stipends, medals and other incentives to study, without any distinction as to caste, coiour, race, creed or sex.

(e) To establish, maintain or grant aid for the establishment and/or maintenance of parks, gardens, gymnasiums, sports clubs, yoga and health camps, dharamshalas and rest houses, for use by public in general.

(f) To establish, maintain or grant aid to homes for the old aged, orphanages or other establishments for the relief and help to the poor, nrrdy and destitute people, orphans, widows and aged persons.

(g) To establish and develop institutions for the physically handicapped and disabled or mentally retarded persons and to provide them education, food, clothing, or other help.

(h) To grant relief and assistance to the needy victims during natural calamities such as famine, earth quake, flood, fire, pestilence, etc. and to give donations and other assistance to institutions, establishments or persons engaged in such relief work.

(i) To provide relief to poor by organizing medical camps, providing medicines, etc. and organizing  wedding of poor girls, providing food and clothing to poor and needy including children.

(j) To establish, maintain and grant aid for food and water environmental development to promote plantation and water conservation activities.

(k) To construct repair and manage the marghats, cemeteries and burial grounds.

(l) To grant aid or render assistance or to give donation to other public charitable trusts or institutions.